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Seaside Coin

An integral part of the Seaside Business Ecosystem

Seaside Coin is a digital asset that is based on a real business foundation and unique smart contract system. We have introduced the innovative financial system that is convenient and reliable. Learn more about the Seaside Ecosystem and Seaside Coin offerings in the documents below.

Crypto Hunters

A unique reality TV show series that combines the digital world of cryptocurrency and NFT’s into the real world through the competitive reality TV series.



Crypto Hunters NFT release

A special NFT collection dedicated to a Crypto Hunters reality TV show series that is now being prepared for a world wide release. We would like to open the door for our community to take part in this show via a special Crypto Hunters NFT collection. Holders are whitelisted for Seaside Coin Seed sale round.

Introduction to Seaside Coin

An integral part of the whole Seaside business ecosystem. The coin tokenomics along with the opportunities that are open for our community are released and publicly available.

Saved Family Safe Future Free Mint

A unique art NFT collection that portrays the vision and values of Seaside Club. All Crypto Hunters NFT holders will get an airdrop of this NFT. For others - it will be a whitelist-only free mint - join our discord to get your WL.

Learn2Earn Beta release

The app will contain a live-feed newspaper with specialized articles and overviews from various business and technological areas. Learn and earn Learn Tokens to get blue chip NFTs, event tickets, trading analytics channel and to propose your business idea!

Seaside Coin Seed Sale

Seaside Coin Private Sale

Crypto Hunters Worldwide Announcement

Seaside Coin Public Sale

Charitable project by Seaside Help Announcement

Release of ownership NFTs for Real Estate, Diamond, Gold, Copper and Lithium mining

Investments in community business ideas gathered from the Community Learn2Earn app

Create opportunities for people in need through Seaside Help charitable projects.

Hussein Karaki


How would I like to be perceived?

As a role model. A selfless person who leads by example in all aspects of life: Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. Both physically and mentally. We will create a platform that will allow the people involved in it to accomplish the same.

meet the team!

Our full project team will be showcased in the corresponding channel of our official Discord server.


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